Coaching Leaders provides training and coaching to support systems in creating climates that engage leaders, youth and families. We lead strategic planning sessions with school districts, child welfare systems community and faith-based organizations to better meet the needs of youth in their systems. We design workshops and experiences tailored for each group around issues of program quality improvement, community building, family engagement, establishing youth advisory councils, adaptive leadership, LGBTQ, racial equity and cultural competency. We help leadership and program teams create and implement best practice tools to move their teams forward. Check out our trainings for examples of professional development opportunities or have us design one specifically for your group.

How can Coaching Leaders help your systems increase quality and strengthen your movement?

    bob is a Certified Professional Coach and skilled speaker and facilitator. bob has spent the last 21 years shifting youth spaces so young people can reach their potential. bob has worked with local community centers, marginalized communities, outreach, outdoor and inner city school programs, nationally affiliated programs as well as local community based programs throughout the USA and Canada. bob founded “Coaching Leaders” and has spent the last 6 years coaching and facilitating workshops and conversations among leaders and organizations to help grow their intercultural competencies and leadership skills. It’s not uncommon for people to walk out of one of bob’s trainings saying, “That was the best; everyone needs to have this experience!”

    –  Field Consultant for the Center for Youth Program Quality

    –  Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory

    –  Queer Sounds Radio Show Host on KYRS, Thin Air Community Radio