Get the support, tools and resources necessary to grow your skills and shift the norms holding you back from reaching your leadership potential.

Shifting Our Norms

Leading Effective Teams is an online course to help leaders SHIFT the Norms holding them back from reaching their potential. Nikki and bob invite all leaders, managers and directors to sign up for this course so you can grow your leadership skills and in 12 weeks, walk away with the most effective team you’ve ever worked with. Sign up to get the set of videos, resources and tips to end some of the frustrations that come with managing and get on the fast track to growing  your teams.

Shifting Norms is a collaboration between bob & Nikki to provide resources and support leaders in growing, thriving and challenging the status quo!

  •  Online Training Courses
  •  Mentoring (individual and group coaching)
  •  Social Media Platforms for leaders to connect and collaborate
  •  Resources for leaders to use when working with groups (cool tools)

Shifting Norms helps individuals and organizations grow their leadership style so they can move through challenges and barriers that get in the way of leading effectively and creating spaces that help people reach their full potential.

Who is Nikki?
Nikki is committed to creating supports and challenges to youth development professionals through a strong community that takes risks to ask the difficult questions of each other. Nikki has over 30 years of working with youth and the adults who work with them. Originally from England Nikki came to Chicago in 1989 to work as a street outreach worker and in the following years she has continued to grow and learn in the youth development world. Nikki currently is a consultant across the USA facilitating and creating fun, challenging and learning environments for youth development workers.

Who is bob?
bob is filled with passion and a desire to support your success in fulfilling your goals in growing personally and professionally. With over twenty years as a youth development professional, bob knows that great programs have great staff and the potential for burnout is high and common. bob believes in setting people up for success by giving them what they need to fill their roles and grow personally and professionally. bob is a Certified Professional Coach and travels across the USA and Canada motivating leaders to show up with fierce, authentic leadership to help make this world a better place.