Coaching Leaders interactions, workshops, conversations and coaching experiences are designed to meet you where you are and connect you to resources and strategies that move you forward in a way that makes sense for your groups. With research based, best practices, transparent authenticity and a joy for connecting and practicing effective strategies, together we make a difference.

Below are descriptions of our most requested workshops. Email to access workshop resources or set up training and workshop opportunities for your networks.


  • Whether it’s a keynote, single workshop or six-week webinar series, we bring the “F in Shift” Strategies to the youth in your region! Check out for more information and get your copy of the book Oh Shift! and Oh Shift! for Teens.  Learn the strategies you can use immediately to create the reality you want to experience: self awareness, the power of words (saying “Oh Shift!” rather than “Oh Shi*t!,” without the f), how to move from resistance into acceptance to better navigate the flow around us, and of course how to use the FLIP FIND FREAK strategies… How curious are you about becoming a Shift Head?


  • Enhancing Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) Youth and Families. Over the past decade, LGBTQ young people have become increasingly visible in our families, communities and public systems. Yet, the public systems charged with their care and well-being are often unresponsive to their needs and slow to acknowledge that LGBTQ children and adolescents are in urgent need of appropriate and equitable services. This interactive training provides an introduction to issues relevant to LGBTQ youth, focusing on building professional competence and includes: terminology, risks and resiliency, supporting families and practical suggestions for serving LGBTQ youth.
  • Understanding Gender: Working With Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth. Transgender and gender nonconforming youth face increased rates of serious physical and emotional abuse at home and in public systems. Because staff members are unsure of how to provide respectful and supportive services to transgender and gender nonconforming children and adolescents, they may unintentionally subject them to situations that are discriminatory and harmful. All youth deserve to be safe in their homes, schools, churches and communities and have opportunities to thrive and be happy. This interactive training offers staff members information and tools to provide transgender and gender nonconforming youth with appropriate and informed care and includes: terminology, clear understanding of the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, best practice in addressing common issues that come up including bathroom use and use of preferred names and pronouns.
  • Taking Steps to Address Anti-LGBTQ Bullying & Harassment: Bullying is an endemic problem in schools and youth spaces. Anti-LGBTQ bullying is one of the most pervasive forms of bullying and often the weapon of choice for bullies, regardless of the bullied student’s sexual orientation or gender identity. While many schools show a willingness to address bullying generally, effective efforts must address the pervasive issue of anti-LGBTQ bullying as a crucial element of the problem. This interactive training provides research-based interventions and resources for schools to implement effective and age-appropriate anti-bullying programs to improve school climate for all students.


  • Intercultural Conflict Style: Many disagreements across cultures are often grounded in very different approaches people take for authentically resolving disputes with one another. Coaching Leaders provides a set of tools based on the Intercultural Conflict Style (ICS) model and inventory developed by Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D for effectively managing and resolving disagreements and conflict across cultural boundaries. These include:
    • The Intercultural Conflict Style (ICS) Inventory, the premier assessment and training tool for identifying core approaches for resolving conflict across cultural and ethnic differences. The ICS Inventory is accompanied by the ICS Interpretive Guide and ICS Facilitator’s Manual.
  • Intercultural Development Inventory: An inclusive organization is one that exhibits intercultural competence. And intercultural competence can be measured and purposefully improved. Coaching Leaders uses the IDI to support organizations interested in developing their intercultural competence. This involves:
    • Increasing cultural self-awareness; 
    • Deepening understanding of the experiences, values, perceptions and behaviors of people from diverse cultural communities;
    • and Expanding the capability to shift cultural perspective and adapt behavior to bridge across cultural difference.”
  • Intercultural Relevancy & Responsiveness: These workshops can also be designed for systems that are interested and/or mandated to incorporate culturally relevant curriculum, policies or practices throughout their programs. They provide an opportunity to address Intercultural Competency and the role leaders play in supporting Intercultural Development and Responsiveness also known as “Cultural Relevancy.” These workshops help participants enter into conversations about cultural commonalities and differences. They will understand and practice new skills they can apply in the workplace to address bias and create a plan to meet the needs of their diverse communities.


Individuals often request to become Coaching Leaders’ facilitators. We offer a Training of Trainers for organizations interested in building the capacity of their staff and their collaborative organizations. The following workshops have a TOT option:

  • Enhancing Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) Youth and Families
  • Understanding Gender: Working With Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth