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More Than A Rainbow Virtual Summit

Sessions Start April 24th!

This interactive, research-based training provides information and tools to support LGBTQ2SIA+ youth with appropriate and informed services. Participants will: become familiar with language and the diversity of LGBTQ2SIA+ identities; become familiar with LGBTQ2SIA+ Best Practices and how to incorporate them into any setting; understand intersectional identities; acquire simple tools and tips that can be easily implemented within 30 days.

  • Language Guidance When Serving LGBTQ2SIA+ Youth

  • LGBTQ Rejecting & Accepting Behaviors: Unpacking the Research

  • LGBTQ2SIA+ Best Practices

  • Understanding Microaggressions

  • Social Identities and the Cycles of Socialization and Liberation

  • Supporting Gender Expansive Students

This summit has six 2-hour sessions. Materials will be emailed to participants 24 hours prior to each session. 



Coaching Leaders offers several program formats to suit your needs. We offer single and three day events, as well as month-long immersive learning experiences. Discover which event is right for you.

LEAD To Elevate Equity

Leverage ENERGY, AUTHENTICITY, and DRIVE to elevate equity.

LEAD To Elevate Energy

Leverage ENERGY, AUTHENTICITY, and DRIVE to elevate energy.

LEAD To Elevate Engagement

Leverage ENERGY, AUTHENTICITY, and DRIVE to elevate engagement.


Learn Then Lead!

Ever notice the best leaders seem to have something intangible? They are confident, decisive, calm and engaged. Great leaders aren't born that way, they grow and develop the skills necessary to impact systems and teams. Coaching Leaders events are specifically designed to help you grow into the leader you want to be. Coaching Leaders helps you discover your leadership style and gives you the necessary tools to get what you want from your life and career. We give you the roadmap to mastery and make reaching your potential a reality. Take the steps to become the effective leader you are meant to be!

Harness Your Performance Influencers

Learn how to solve issues in the moment. Begin to develop a personal success formula that you can apply as needed to capitalize on your strengths, traits, preferences, and attitude. 

Optimize Your Success Formula

Eliminate what no longer serves you. Learn what's at the core of your performance so you can build your potential for the long-term.

Your Experience 


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Leverage Energy Authenticity Drive

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