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I will guide you with step by step strategies on how to lead the life you want to live...It's time!

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    Ever notice that the best leaders seem to have something intangible? They are confident, decisive, calm, and engaged. High performing leaders are also learners and progress with purpose and clarity. Tap into the resources Coaching Leaders offers to help you grow, thrive & challenge the status quo!

    Coaching Leaders exists to help you transform your practices to positively impact those you serve and lead the life you were meant to live. 

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    Life Is What I Make It.

    Daily Planner

    Get started problem solving, prioritizing, and pacing yourself in the day-to-day. Simplify your personal and professional life with these free worksheets. Use these simple worksheets as a scaffold for managing families (kids and adults) and streamlining the daily HAVE-To's and WANT-To's. 

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    Use this guide to assess your current performance.

    Get weekly strategies on how to effectively lead yourself and your teams.

    Avoid the ups and downs of peak performance and practice the strategies for sustained high performance.

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    Accountability Book Club

    Participate in a Professional Learning Community designed to grow your facilitation skills.

    Next Session: The Racial Healing Handbook. Practical activities to help you challenge privilege, confront systemic racism, and engage in collective healing. Author - Anneliese A. Singh, PhD, LPC.

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    Strengthen Your Facilitation Skills for Virtual Engagement

    This virtual training experience highlights three components to engaging participants online with an active participatory approach. Participants will also learn tech strategies to train effectively using computers, Zoom and PowerPoint platforms. By the end, participants will feel more confident in using these skills and leading virtual learning experiences.

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    What My Clients Say About Me

    These are clients I have worked with personally and have helped them transform their leadership in trainings, individual coaching and mastermind groups.

    The three-day training last week was a game changer for me. I feel so inspired and so ready to grow. I feel like a lot of the work is now in delivering the content and learning from the groups I facilitate. 

    Your coaching skills are amazing. I’ve been following you, bob, for three years now since you worked with us in Hood River at that first summer training. At that time I thought you had magical powers, or maybe it was the rock star pedestal effect. But over the years you’ve humanized yourself to me and it has allowed me to see the little bit of rock star in myself. Some of my friends call you my Guru, but likely that is not politically correct. You are my medicine woman.

    Thoughtful, engaging, rewarding. Thank you. This was great and a helpful starting point for behavior reflection and change.

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    Here's what people ask me the most.

    Accountability Club

    "I want to be better at practicing what I'm learning, but I can't afford a coach. HELP!"

    Are you the kind of person who reads with a highlighter, colored pens or post its? Do you have a common practice of accountability (reflection, growth charts, daily check lists, stickers)? Are you looking for someone to help you walk the talk or move from inspiration to perspiration (actually doing the work in all those books/podcasts you are learning from)?

    If you are tired of having repeat and lonely accountability conversations in your head, bring them to the crew. We meet once a week and talk about the practices and strategies from different leadership books. 

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    Train My Team!

    Coaching Leaders will design training and team building experiences to meet your needs. We combine the most current research on effective leadership for sustainable change and deliver it to your teams with an interactive learning approach.

    Schedule a strategy session to see how we can help you grow, thrive and challenge the status quo! 

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    BOOKS: Top Favorites!

    These are the books bob refers to most in her coaching and trainings: 

    1- Fierce Conversations

    2- High Performance Habits

    3- Better Conversations

    4- The Racial Healing Handbook

    5- Tiny Habits

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    Book a free strategy session to discuss your goals and plan a strategy that can help you transform your leadership practices and lead the life you were mean to live. 

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    I will guide you with step by step strategies on how to lead the life you want to live...It's time!

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