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Intercultural Development Inventory

(Cross-Cultural Assessment of Intercultural Competence)

Why use the IDI above other assessments?

  • The IDI is the only theory-based assessment of intercultural competence. This tool provides in-depth insights on how individuals and groups make sense of cultural differences and how they respond to cultural differences. This tool measures both mindset AND skillset. 

  • The IDI is the only developmental assessment of intercultural competence. This allows individuals and groups to focus on increasing their intercultural competence (from how they currently engage cultural differences to how they can more effectively engage diversity). The IDI facilitates cooperative conversations and actions directed toward growth and development rather than judgement and resistance. 

  • The IDI results are actionable. The IDI produces a customized, Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) for each individual that guides them through a series of activities and self-reflections that developmentally build intercultural competence. In addition, IDI Guided Development is a proprietary, proven approach for designing training and other interventions that substantially increases intercultural competence for groups and organizations based on IDI profile results. 

  • By choosing the IDI you also get:

    An Education and Organization Version

    Two versions of the IDI are available. Each version provides a customized analysis of individual and group profile results. 

    Access to Multiple Language Translations

    Each language version of the IDI has been rigorously "back translated", ensuring both linguistic and conceptual equivalence in the meaning of each of the items. The 17 languages include: Arabic, Bahasa, Indonesian, Chinese, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Turkish. 

    Customized Profile Reports

    The IDI generates profiles of an individual's intercultural competence. When used to assess an individual's level of intercultural competence, a customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) is also prepared for the person. This IDP provides a detailed blueprint for the individual to further develop his/her intercultural competence. 


    Grow your leadership skills now!

    I built Coaching Leaders because I believe in producing measurable results that help us all grow in leadership. I know continued education is an investment and choosing a program that works is essential. If you want more information about how the Intercultural Development Inventory can benefit you and your team, email me at: [email protected] 

    – bob

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